Venous ulcers are the most severe type of chronic vein problem. VenoTrain? ulcertec has been developed to provide a successful and comfortable compression therapy solution ?for this condition. It it will not slip. It exerts required gradient compression on the lower leg to allow the ulcer to heal.

  • The system includes a line and a specially designed compression stocking
  • Patented rhomboid knit
  • Reliable and effective


  • Coordinated compression of overstocking and liner
  • Unique compression profile that accelerates the healing process while ensuring exceptional patient comfort
  • Differentiated treatment based on two designs within one compression class
  • Liner with gentle compression providing a compression pressure in the lower range of compression class?3 in combination with the overstocking



Conventional compression bandages can easily slip down. This is not only uncomfortable for the wearer, but it can also have a negative effect on the therapy as the required compression is no longer provided. VenoTrain ulcertec, remains firmly in position over time. The combination of a liner and outer stocking increases the pressure on the veins and stays in place, even during walking.


A white liner made from skin-friendly material holds the wound dressing in place on the leg. The skin-colored outer stocking can easily be put on over the top of the liner. Its specially developed rhomboid knit applies the therapeutic pressure just where it is needed, without slipping or ?biting? into the leg. VenoTrain ulcertec stimulates the circulation and this effect is further increased by movement. VenoTrain ulcertec is comfortable to wear and feels and looks like an ordinary knee sock.


Care Instructions

87 % polyamide, 13 % elastane