Targeted relief and guidanceof the patellar tendon

The GenuPoint? stabilizes and guides the patellar tendon during loading. The narrow, anatomically contoured brace sits under the kneecap and provides relief thanks to a special functional element with pressure points.

Soft knitted fabric that is only elastic in one direction guarantees a secure fit and maximum freedom of movement.

A VELCRO? Brand Fastening System on both sides allows the relieving compression to be adjusted to individual needs when the brace is put on.


      1. Medically effective compression?of?the patellar tendon using an individually adjustable strap

      2. Easy to put on?without slipping thanks to reversible buckles on both sides

      3. High wearing comfort?thanks to soft, breathable materials

      4. Noticeable relief?thanks to the pad with four pressure points

      5. Hardly visible?under clothing thanks to its flat design


      The GenuPoint relieves the excess strain on the patellar tendon below the kneecap, helps to ease pain in the front of the knee, and counteracts the noticeable effects of restricted mobility.

      The narrow brace is anatomically contoured and sits directly below the kneecap. A special functional element with four gel-like pressure points is incorporated in its knitted fabric. These pressure points target the area around the patellar tendon, providing relief at its insertion. Each pressure point has nubs that provide a soothing massage effect during movement. The two inner pressure points guide and support the tendon during loading. The outer pressure points enhance the perception of stimuli in the surrounding area and boost the joint function of the knee through a number of effects including faster muscle activation.

      The soft knitted fabric of the GenuPoint is only elastic in one direction, allowing it to hold the knee in position securely when it is bent while fitting the body perfectly. The brace can be tightened evenly via a VELCRO? Brand Fastening System on both sides, allowing the relieving compression to be adjusted to individual needs when the brace is put on.