Medical grade compressive?elbow sleeve for improved muscle control and circulation – lightweight, comfortable, durable and washable

The Compression?Elbow Sleeve seamlessly encloses the?elbow joint and exerts a constant compression on the surrounding muscles. This improves blood flow and circulation which activates muscles and improves proprioception, helping to minimize the risk of injury. The anatomical design adapts perfectly to the body and allows for maximum freedom of movement.


    • Medical Ccl 1 (20-30 mm Hg)
    • Light and breathable microfibre knit
    • Integrated comfort zones


Measure the circumference at the largest part of the forearm.


1. Seamless design ? adapts perfectly to the body for all day wearing comfort

2. Breathable microfibre ? knitted fabric forms a fine network of airy mesh: it is breathable and temperature-regulating

3. Set pressure profile ? consistent therapeutic gradient (Ccl 1 = 20-30 mmHg) for improved circulation

4. Comfort zones ? reduced compression zones are incorporated into the knit to relieve sensitive areas

5. Grip technology ? integrated, skin-friendly silicone border on the upper edge for a no slip fit

Promote Mobility. Prevent Injury.

Medical compression sleeves with graduated compression (20-30 mmHg), help to promote circulation and allow muscles to receive an increased supply of oxygen. Blood circulation is stimulated, which warms the muscles to help protect against injury. The gentle compression reduces uncomfortable muscle vibrations, helps prevent premature fatigue and helps speed recovery.?