Movement-limiting ankle orthosis with adjustable air cushions

Combined with shoes, the AirLoc stabilizes the ankle and prevents recurring sprains following an acute injury. Two anatomically contoured, cushioned plastic shells are connected flexibly below the heel, allowing the orthosis to adapt perfectly to the width of the foot. Thanks to an inflatable air cushion integrated into the outer shell, the AirLoc?s shape can be individually adjusted to the degree of swelling when putting on the orthosis.

  • For recent ankle injuries
  • Stabilizing effect in combination with shoes
  • Soft, individually adaptable air cushioning



    Specifically for recent injuries or immediately following surgery, your ankle needs special protection. The AirLoc stabilizes the ankle with two anatomically contoured plastic shells lined with extensive cushioning on the inside. These are connected flexibly below the heel and fixed to the lower leg using two Velcro straps that are wound around the ankle and lower leg.

    An additional air cushion ensures that the orthosis not only adapts to the width of your foot but also the degree of swelling on the injured ankle. Using the integrated pump and a release valve, the air cushions, and therefore the fit of the orthosis, can be adjusted as needed throughout the entire recovery process. Nevertheless, the AirLoc has a slim design and easily fits into various types of shoes. The orthosis comes in a universal size and can be worn on the right or left foot.


    When you wear the AirLoc with a closed shoe, the plastic splints protect your ankle against further sprains. With its perfect fit, the ankle orthosis guarantees contact over a large area, which positively influences sensorimotor function. This allows you to control your muscles more efficiently, stabilizing your foot with your own strength. AirLoc gives you the confidence to move correctly and without fear despite your recent injury, enabling you to find your way back into your usual day-to-day life. After all, the golden rule for optimal recovery is: being active is key to good health!